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NOTE: 1. O.T. CHARGE : 50% OF THE SURGEON CHARGE 2. ASSISTANT CHARGE-30% OF THE SURGEON CHARGE 3. ANAESTHESIA CHARGE - 30% OF THE SURGEON CHARGE ICU Stay, Medicine, Pathology,Special Investigation, Cost Of Implant Charges Extra

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  • 24 Hour Ambulance Services
  • 24 Hour Casualty Medical Services
  • 24 Hour Generator Back Up
  • 24 Hour Laundry Services
  • 24 Hour Pharmacy
  • 24 Hour Radiology Facility
  • 24 Hour Security Services
  • 24 Hour Video Survileance
  • Air Conditioning Waiting Area
  • ATM & Bank
  • Biometric Access Control For Visitor
  • Canteen Facilities For Relatives
  • Canteen Facility For Patients
  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Generator Back Up
  • Home Blood Sample Collection Facility
  • Near By ATM Counter
  • Nutrition And Dietary Services
  • Patient Elevator Facility
  • Visitor Parking Facility
  • Waiting Lounges
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