Online Doctor Appointment Booking

Meddco is a one-stop solution to all your health needs. It helps you in online doctor appointment booking, finding treatments at a reasonable price, looking up nearby health camps, etc. Whatever kind of assistance you need, our app will look near and around your location, compare costs and quality using user rating/reviews and show you hundreds of relevant results.

When it comes to medical care, Meddco is a trusted name. You can find the right medical facilities and the right doctors for your loved ones. It is India’s primary healthcare platform which is completely transparent and shows you what are the inclusive and exclusive costs of any medical procedure.

You can compare the prices of medical assistance across 12,000+ hospitals, whether it is a medical test, surgical procedure or general healthcare. In case of any emergency, you can always call, email or live chat with their staff for assistance.

With its online doctor appointment booking system, you can skip long waiting times and queues. You can keep up with your upcoming appointments with the help of its in-app reminder updates and notifications. Can’t make it to the appointment? No worries, you can simply reschedule the appointment at your convenience.

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