Gallbladder Surgery Cost In India

Easy access and affordability of medical treatment in India have made life easier for people who cannot afford medical treatment in their home country or where the techniques and technology are not advanced enough. Gallbladder stones treatment in India and laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India is a very popular medical procedure among medical tourists because of highly trained surgeons, advanced technology and low cost of gall bladder surgery in India.

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped sac-like organ present under the liver that collects bile (digestive juice) manufactured by the liver. This bile is then released from the gall bladder as and when required which helps in the breakdown of dietary fats thus assisting indigestion.

Gallbladder stones are the most common problems of the digestive system and affect a large percentage of the population. Around 15% of the people above the age of 50 years are known to suffer from gallbladder stones. More common in females and overweight individuals, gallstones are the small biliary calculi that are formed by cholesterol, bile pigments or calcium salts. Gallstones are formed when there is excessive cholesterol in the bile, the crystallization of which results in incomplete emptying of the gallbladder.

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