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A Health Package is fixed price medical treatment package that cumulates all expenditures involved in a treatment. Meddco has partnered with more than 1000 healthcare providers who offer fixed price treatment packages. Patients looking for treatments can search - compare packages & can make informed decisions regarding treatment expenses well before opting for the treatment.

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Meddco’s online platform helps locating a doctor based on specialization in your selected area in real time when you would like to consult them. Skip long queues and waiting times at a hospital or clinic by booking an appointment on Avail information about a doctor’s consultation charges, their availability, qualification, user ratings & reviews, and location.

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Various hospitals, clinics and NGOs organize health check up camps in your location to help prevention of common diseases. Most of the times, these diseases are unknown to masses and they need timely awareness. Find such preventive health check up camps near your location at You can avail a camp information based location, date, and speciality of health checkup services.

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Meddco Ambulance Assistance (MAA) is India's First Emergency ambulance booking application based on live location tracking system. Meddco Ambulance Assistance is an ambulance aggregator for emergency patient transport services. MAA integrates city emergency ambulance transportation for patients and ambulance drivers as their partners onto a mobile technology platform convenient, transparent and quick emergency service fulfilment. A user can book an ambulance instantly by using Meddco app available on Android and iOS.

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Need of transparency in healthcare

We often check prices before buying any product or service in general.

However, this is not the case when one has to avail healthcare services.

They get to know about expenses only after they have received the services.

Most of the times, patients and their families are not aware the dynamic costs involved in healthcare services.

Thus, a healthcare consumer should be empowered to choose appropriate healthcare service provider based on their affordability.

Price transparency in healthcare ensures that consumers know what healthcare services they are buying and how much they will be paying for it.

How transparency will benefit healthcare provider

Meddco’s unique platform is designed to address challenges faced by Healthcare Service Providers.

While recommending a treatment or diagnostic test, they may not be aware regarding costs involved in a treatment or surgery at a hospital or clinic. It may also happen that certain healthcare services may not necessarily help in patient care however can simply lead to increased costs.

With price transparency, it is convenient for a physician to understand and offer a cost effective way to provide utmost care to patients. Both - Physicians and patients can make informed decisions about choosing relevant healthcare services.

When prices of services are displayed, there are 60% more chances to attract patients to their healthcare center compared to those who do not have transparent prices.

It helps in targeting the healthcare consumers based on their affordability. This reduces ambiguity and service providers can win patients over competitors who do not offer price transparency.

Eventually, this will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and boosted loyalty with word of mouth popularity.Healthcare provider can reduce their marketing expenditures and optimize their operational costs by saving on PR activities and dedicated marketing personnel. Healthcare Service Provider can also reduce huge spends on referral commissions.

Price transparency will also drastically reduce discontent among patient families, discharge related disputes, discharge turnaround time and public grievances.

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